Jeffrey J.

My mom, Marlene, had been living independently in the home she shared with my father who had passed away eight years ago. It is the same home she’d lived in with my dad for the better part of 50 years and it is where they raised my two older brothers and me. At the age of 83 mom was hospitalized with a series of medical conditions and had to spend the better part of two months in a rehabilitation center recovering. It was evident that she would require some level of care as she transitioned back into her home as it was her wish to remain living there for as long as possible. Thus begin my search for elder care for our mom, obviously looking for an agency that was approved to operate in New York State .under their strict regulations.

It was with good fortune that I happened upon Marian Care through a quick search of the Internet as my hope was to find an agency close by to where Mom lived. As it turns out, Marian Care is located a few blocks away from our parish church and, while not affiliated with the church, the fact that it was so close provided some solace to our family in these very serious times and when I spoke and subsequently met with Jennifer, .it was evident from the start that this was an organization that had been in business for many years and understood well the needs and concerns for the care of our mother.

They quickly arranged an assessment and had their nurse Cathy at mom’s house who evaluated her and devised a care plan for her. My mam, a  registered nurse by training, took an immediate liking to Cathy and was very calm and content during this initial first encounter with anyone from Marian Care which helps set the tone for her feeling comfortable to let Marian Care place an aude in her home. Cathy continued to conduct periodic care evaluations throughout the time Marian Care provided services and mom always looked forward to her visits.

Throughout the time Marian Care was providing services for our mom, the various aides were all very compitentent and pleasant and took proper and good care of all her needs. Marian Care was very flexible and accommodating with finding just the right aide that fit well with Mom’s temperament and personality. They always contacted me if the aide was unable to work and provided us with an alternate aide for the day. They also gave us plenty of notice when an aide was to be on vacation and provided a substitute aide during this time as well

The billing agent, Jennifer, worked directly with Mom’s long-term care insurance and arranged billing and payments through them, making it one less thing I needed to attend to. We have since moved Mom, now 86, into an assisted living facility as their home wasn’t adequately arranged for someone of advanced age. We were very blessed to be able to allow Mom to stay in her home for as long as we were able and would not have been able to do so without the competent and very caring services of the folks at Marian Care. They provide a great service to the surrounding community. Anyone looking for an organization to coordinate and provide elder care services would do well working with such a dedicated team.

Thank you for all you have done for my mom, my brothers and I, Sincerely yours,